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On September 23rd 2016, about a month after I arrived in Amsterdam I wrote a journal entry. It has been left unfinished, but I wrote out a little bit about my feelings of being homesick in such an amazing place as Amsterdam was. 5 months later I can only smile at this, for I know right after I wrote this I had the time of my life, and it got easier and easier. At this time, if someone would have told me that I would travel London all alone, I probably looked at them like they were crazy. Much has changed! I would study abroad all over again, and better yet, I am planning to take a trip back to Europe next summer!

September 23, 2016.

I am in my fourth year of college, and I turned 22 on my airplane ride this summer coming over to the Netherlands. On the plane ride, I went over my head on all the things I had done to prepare for this trip. I had student housing, a class schedule, enough funds to have me covered, and even made up a playlist to play while on the plane to Amsterdam. And, lets be honest, I was way too excited to really focus on how annoying the crying babies and kicking toddlers were during the trip. And everyone says to plan on feeling some culture shock and/or homesickness. I was always one to be homesick- my hometown is just an hour or so away from SFSU, and I am able to go home on weekends and holidays, and yet I [b]still[/b] get homesick. I was expecting to be homesick in Amsterdam for sure, and I felt prepared to handle culture shock, or at least know to watch out for it. I have now been in Amsterdam for about a month now, and I still feel that tug of missing home. People come from all over the world, thousands and hundreds of miles, just to be right here in Amsterdam, and I am able to live here for five months right smack in the heart of the city. And yet sitting on the couch at home with my family watching American reality TV sounds really good right now.

No one really likes the unknown. I certainly don’t- I like to know exactly what steps to take, what it will look like, and what is expected of me. But here, things are a little different. Instead of staying on campus in my room, I am forced to commute (walk for now) to school, which means walking all around the city and now, because of the big international community and connections I have made, I am go to all kinds of events and hang out with friends (which, is always enjoyable). Instead of going to the same food places all the time, I am forced to figure out which places would be good and which places are too expensive. Instead of knowing what is expected of me in class, I feel like a freshman all over again, and my freshman year was 3 years ago.  I don’t drive back home, as I have never been good with directions. But now, studying abroad has forced me to find my inner compass, especially with a limited wifi signal and Dutch street names and signs. These are all good things, of course, but after a month, I still miss not having to do new things every single day. My life back home is pretty easy… I just miss it.

Be sure to read about this amazing author in my first interview with him, here! http://fallonnicole.com/interview-with-author-mark-david-gerson/

Since last time we spoke, which was 6-7 years ago, have you made any major accomplishments in writing, and how did you do it?

It’s been a very busy six to seven years. If last time we spoke, I had two books and a recording, I now have 11 books out, along with another in progress.

In 2009, my two books were The MoonQuest and The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write. Well, The MoonQuest turned into the first book in a fantasy trilogy, what is now called The Q’ntana Trilogy. And I’m pleased to say that its two sequels, The StarQuest and The SunQuest, have been just as well received. As for The Voice of the Muse, it has also became the first in a series, of five books for writers. These cover writer’s block, memoir-writing, screenwriting and “birthing your book.” Two memoirs and a book of spiritual inspiration top out the list!

I should mention as well that in 2009, my then-two books were only available in paperback. Today, all 11 titles (including a revised and expanded edition of The Voice of the Muse) are available as ebooks as well as paperbacks.

How did I did do it? Mostly by following (to the best of my imperfect ability) my own advice to writers, which, I guess, brings us to your next question….

Your advice in the last interview was trust your story and connect and listen to your work. Do you agree with this still, and do you have anything to add?

If anything, I believe it even more today than I did back then! If I’ve learned anything over my two-plus decades of writing, teaching and coaching, it’s that my stories are infinitely smarter than I am, and that if I just get out of the way, trust and listen, the results will be more amazing than anything I could have consciously planned, outlined or imagined.

 Where do you see yourself in the next six years?
I’m not sure there’s any point in answering that one. That’s because if I look back over the past six years, there’s very little about how things have played out that I could have predicted in 2009.

What I will share, though, is some of what I hope for (while leaving lots of space for things to play out in far more magnificent ways!). Of course, I would like to see my current novel-in-progress, tentatively titled Sara’s Year, completed, published and a smashing success. Perhaps even more than that, I would like to see the plans to turn The Q’ntana Trilogy into a trio of epic motion pictures finally come to fruition. I would also like to see my Q’ntana stage-musical adaptations finished. (I have completed first drafts of all three.)

The only other thing I can (probably) know for certain is that I will still be writing. After all, in addition to what I have already mentioned, I have a queue of book, screenplay and stage-play projects that could keep me busy well in to my next lifetime, not least because I keep adding to it!

Do you have any new links, blogs or books that you would like me to include on the interview post?

Website: www.markdavidgerson.com
Blog: www.markdavidmuse.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/markdavidgerson
YouTube: www.youtube.com/markdavidgerson
Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/markdavidgerson
Look for me pretty much anywhere online as “markdavidgerson”

A Bibliography of all his wonderful books:

• Birthing Your Book…Even If You Don’t Know What It’s About
• From Memory to Memoir: Writing the Stories of Your Life
• Organic Screenwriting: Writing for Film, Naturally
• Writer’s Block Unblocked: Seven Surefire Ways to Free Up Your Writing and Creative Flow
• The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write
• The Voice of the Muse Companion: Guided Meditations for Writers (recording)
• Acts of Surrender: A Writer’s Memoir
• Dialogues with the Divine: Encounters with My Wisest Self
• The Book of Messages: Writings Inspired by Melchizedek
• The Q’ntana Trilogy: The MoonQuest, The StarQuest, The SunQuest

If stars were heart beats,
then you’d be music to my sky.
For every falling star,
There is a moment without you by my side.

Every piece of sand on a huge ocean shore,
Counts how many times I wish you would kiss me.
Miles separate us yet
your late night texts are enough to hold me.

Your voice is soft and and uplifting
like a bird in an early February morning,
You say my name in such a way
that all I feel is longing.

On top of waterfalls, amongst the rush
all I can hear is your sweet smile
Your arms around me, closing in and protecting castle walls,
and that’s almost enough to make waiting worthwhile.

I know you don’t see the moon the same way I do,
but at least you see it, too.
In every drifting thought that passes,
I know we’ll make it through.

When you leave? When you leave,
Do not forget to kiss,
For when your lips touch mine,
I fall, like a star, in bliss.

If reality was a person,
It’d be you. Something that I’ve
Never felt I was apart of, but something
That has always been in my life.

The real world has always been in the background,
Something I’ve never put attention to
But you are like the workings of a machine
That knows just what to do.

I’m a day dreamer, hanging on
To castles in the sky and shining swords
You show me the ground and smile,
Saying, “I’m real.”

The question I’m asking is, do I want this,
Do I want the kiss, the secret love letters,
Or am I just imagining your eyes,
Two wings that I cannot tether.

Your hands are like stars,
Too far to reach but oh so close,
My castle walls far too locked
And your nervousness shows.

I wonder how the gods first fell in love,
Did they not know what to do once?
Did they’re bodies shake whenever they’re crush
Was in attendance?

Whatever the future holds for us,
I cannot say.
Whether it’s a loving friendship or something more,
I will not worry and overthink the day.

I’ll admit I don’t know what I’m doing,
But if I am really growing up and reality is there,
And I had to start the journey with someone,
It’d be you.

The fire in your eyes
Cannot compare to stars,
If they aligned they’d be the shape of your arms
Holding he earth’s attention like you hold mine.

tumblr_n7fgnop0bz1st5lhmo1_1280I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but here is a few new micropoetry poems for your Saturday afternoon.

Tomorrow I will find a place to hide,
where the creaking doesn’t crack,
where whispers don’t tickle
the wind.

In order to
taste the sea
first you need
to capture rain.

Dear Notebook:
I wish you were mortal
Because words etched out
On your skin love to talk
For centuries.

Empty smile
for the broken heart.
my eyes still sing.

Once upon a time there was
A story, hand crafted, made-
No one got to read it though.
It was never written.

If I could write a movie about my life,
I’d call it the awkward adventures of me,
all about how that one time I tripped over a flea,
or about that time I spilled my teacher’s coffee.

I’d be a sad little comedy and-
If I was going to be honest,
oh if I must,
I am so very far from grace.

Long pauses while I’m thinking
make me look like a fool,
I’m a liability every time on a stool,
it’s actually a real talent- which makes it kinda cool.

I’ve fallen off a swing backwards,
swearing by my life I did it on purpose,
I may look like I got every thing in control on the surface-
I’m pretty sure my mind thinks I can walk through walls.

Bruises on my arms tell me that
I was just too busy that day,
I’m nervous every time a hot guy walks my way,
because I’m probably going to fall on my face.

I’m not sure if my movie would be a Blockbuster hit
wouldn’t surprise me if I accidentally spelled my name wrong,
in the credits, or the titles of the songs,
I regard it as a plot twist, and move on.

I’m not afraid to laugh at myself if no one else does,
for if you were to walk in my shoes,
you’d step on your laces too,
and walk into doors just the same as I do.

All my twitter hakiu poems from April’s national poetry month, now it one place! Happy poem for your pocket day! Note: Be sure to follow me on twitter, and watch out for the book coming soon!

A weed is a plant
It grows every which way
Replacing flowers.

One day it will come,
When grass will darken with shade,
The sun, abandoned.

Breaking down easy,
Breathe but not too much,
or else You will fly away.

When there are no words,
There is no longer power
Between my white teeth.

Blotted skies reflect
on the water, twinkling
Two pictures, perfect.

The hour ticks by
like a frog hopping away
suddenly it’s gone.

As the morning comes
All I want is you with me
All I get is fog.

Gently like a wing,
sputtering free
Take me to the sky!

The sun is above,
Stop what you are doing now,
Watch the clouds leave you.

Dominant Darkness,
Let me see in black and white,
So I can find light.

Hummingbird, morning!
You were up before daylight
Won’t you come inside?

A rock can outlive
The rain and storms and sunshine
I envy the rocks.

Leaves will stay or fall
Let the wind whisper their names
Names are eternal

Run away with me
To where no one else is yet-
Untraveled paths are peace.

Standing in the lines,
How the clock ticks casual,
When is it my turn?

A big silver bird,
flying high above the clouds,
Going nowhere fast.

Paper overload
I never liked coffee though
What’s the price for sleep?

Storms are great wonders,
They make the sun sing after,
and make birds quiet.

A week till concert
Anticipation kills me
Music fills my soul.

If you haven’t been keeping up with me on Twitter then you might not of seen these “micropoems” I’ve been writing. Since it’s Poem in your pocket day today, I’ve decided to put them in one place! I also have Haikus, written down into another post. Enjoy! There will be a “pocket book” coming soon with these and more, and be sure to follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/Sapphire94


Outside my window,
there are grass, hats,
parking meters,
the air is musky and cheap
if I wave would anyone see me?

the earth, turning,
not knowing where we go,
gravity keeps us down like so,
Is love one big mistake?
Is it something that people fake?
I’ve been told love is kind, unconditional,
is it really that way?
Like a Kite high up against clouds
I try to cut my own string
But then I realize
My wings are just an illusion.
Traffic lights cant stop us
from dreaming of fast cars flying without a care
So do you dare to push
the speed limit with me?
I’ve always wanted to write lyrics,
but like physics,
I’ve yet to get the equation down right.
The lions sleep tonight
but I, in silence
listen to the sirens.
like no one is listening
like no one is dancing
Let’s pretend a slow song
is playing in the background of
this black and white film.
Let’s pretend that soon, there will be a kiss.
I write beyond the margins because
life is monotonous and
things outside the lines are
even more sublime.
72 lies,
how many more can you say,
before I decode the truth, and t
hey take you away?
truth was there the whole time.
It must be like the waves crashing
when you feel a kiss,
or maybe it feels like the
stars are watching over you.
All these emotions,
I can’t explain how,
I think I’m falling
I feel like I’m flying to the clouds.
What is beauty?
is it sparkles and glitter?
is it the way you smile at me
or Is it just another word?
I’m leaving today
but don’t pack my bags
fill my mind with tales of glory
tell me that I have potential for my story.
I do like a good story but tell me
when was the last time
you held a person’s hand
just to hold onto yourself?
Lets pretend to be lovers,
scare away the beasts,
for they hate smiles and things,
or everything sweet.
The wish to rule the world only comes
to those who have seen the earth
fall with rubble under their feet.
I miss that California Coast Line
as much as I miss care free days
Heaven cannot compare to the salty fresh,
nip at your-toes air.
Rays twinkling,
hitting the waves and relaxing my bones,
brightening my day enough, so
I can’t seem to find the tears on the page.
Differing tiles cannot be put together
side by side, Just like we-
Can’t see eye to eye.


Note: This article is from a response to the question: “Is there even such a thing as unconditional love at all? What are we talking about when we use this word? Is it possible to love another strictly for their own sake?” written for my philosophy and religion class.

Here’s my response:

In Plato’s model of reality, the more you have a principal thinking about something the more you have increasing knowledge  and reality of it. Hinduism thinks about this in the same general way, and it’s all about the spiritual side of things. However, in everyday life the word “love” is much too over used and I agree that we don’t all use “love” in an unconditional and accepting sense, which the Hindu’s call “Agape.” Rather, we only believe that we do and want to love someone, because that means that we have someone in possessive terms. The phrase, “Come back to me, I love you!” in movies is often used when the other character wants his “lover” to come and forgive him so they could be all lovey-dovey again and the person wouldn’t go off with some other guy/girl. Because humans are social creatures, we feel important and appreciated when we have a significant other even when there is no mutual support. For example, a friend of mine is in a very bad relationship- the man keeps lying to her as he keeps talking to other girls, and it’s just overall trouble. They get in arguments, no one is happy and they are definitely not on the same level in life. However, she keeps coming back to him and its obvious they are both unhappy. They are very good pretending everything is perfect when they are together and kissing. Why?

Love is fun and my friend is still attracted to him even though she may not have the same feelings about him as a person as she did when they first got together. If my friend and her boyfriend loved unconditionally, flaws wouldn’t matter and the man wouldn’t have even tried to be around other girls- or at least not in a romantic sense. He defiantly wouldn’t have lied about it. According to Plato’s model, my friend and her boyfriend could be categorized as both having too much imagination. In my opinion, loving conditionally is fake love- something that people use to manipulate others to get something for themselves. It can also be used as a desperate thing- something that people really want and rush into, only to be hurt and used for. In reality, like Hinduism and Plato suggests, love is not about us in particular. Usually, we only “like” the person- we like their attributes, their jokes, their looks, but this isn’t love at all.

Reo Speedwagon sings in “Keep On Loving You”- “And I meant every word I said as I said that I love you I meant that I love you forever.” While it’s about his wife cheating on him, you could say he was talking about unconditional love- he was going to keep on loving her forever even if he knew “about those men.” I still get the sense, though, that maybe it hadn’t been a good relationship anyways. If he had shown perfect unconditional love, then the woman would’ve gotten what she wanted (love) and wouldn’t have needed to see other men. If he realized he truly loved her after she left, then that’s not love at all either- he’d be just moping cause he lost.

I do believe unconditional love is possible, and there is such a thing around. It is extremely rare. A good example of unconditional love is between parents and their kids- there is nothing that can end that kind of love. Like any family setting, drama happens and everyone eventually screws up, but I doubt there is anything to stop a parent’s love, for it’s natural to them. Even when the child says “I hate you.” there is still a part of them that loves them, and they don’t actually mean it even when the parents are cut off. This is mostly where Christianity gets their unconditional love- accepting the Father and the symbol of His love is his son Jesus. However, in everyday life in relationships and marriages, this is not the case. It might be unconditional love if a marriage has lasted over 50 years- or else why would they stay together for that long?

While the media usually messes up the image of “Unconditional love” the 1990 film Ghost captured just a taste of it when Patrick Swayze’s character Sam refused to say “I love you” to Demi Moore’s character Molly because he wanted it to be “real”. It wasn’t until the end of the film when he realized it really was real, but he was already dead. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is referenced as young love, but as they kill themselves you just get the hint that humans are simply searching for the wrong thing most of the time. “Love” isn’t love until it’s mutual, and extremely unconditional. In this age, we are all used to getting what we want immediately but out of the family/relative circle, love takes an incredible amount of time and patience to know the truth. Fairytales like Cinderella and Repunzal aren’t real, and there is no such thing as “love at first sight.” You are sure to be left on the couch with a bucket of chocolate ice cream that way.